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Turquoise Jewelry: Perfect for Summer

For thousands of years, turquoise has been considered a stone that offers the wearer good luck, health and protection from evil. Its one of the first gemstones used in jewelry. The ancient Egyptians used turquoise in jewelry and adorned their Pharaohs' coffins with carved scarabs and beads. But even today, turquoise is still coveted by many and used by jewelry designers all over the world.

The word turquoise is derived from the French term "pierre turquoise" meaning Turkish stone. In the 17th century, European gem dealers traveled to Turkey to purchase this prized gem and named it as such, thinking it was native to the region. But in fact, the stone was actually mined in Persia (present day Iran) and transported to Turkey for sale. In fact even today, Persian turquoise is considered by some, the finest and most valuable in the world.

In addition to the Middle East, turquoise is mined in other parts of the world including Afghanistan, Australia, China, the United Kingdom, and the southwest United states. One of the most popular types of US mined turquoise comes from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Globe, Arizona. With its light to medium-dark blue color, its a favorite of many jewelry designers.

One can't also forget about the amazing turquoise jewelry made by numerous Native American tribes. One of the especially popular pieces are the Navajo Squash Blossom necklaces.

For many, the blue-green colors and lustre of turquoise is reminiscent of cool waters and blue skies of a mediterranean island. And in summer its calming, cooling look is perfect for any outfit. Pair it with white, taupe or pastels for a light chic look.

For more information on turquoise, visit gia.edu, and be sure to visit Smythe & Cross to see the latest turquoise designs from John Hardy.

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