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Q & A with Marco Hadjibay of Bayco, Maker of Heirloom-Worthy Gemstone Jewels

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Smythe & Cross’s affinity for high-end gemstone jewelry paved the way for its present-day relationship with Bayco, a maker of some of the finest jewels in the world. The family behind the brand has been crafting masterpieces for more than 70 years, and Smythe & Cross recently caught up with one of its third-generation principals, Marco Hadjibay, to get the full story on why Bayco’s collections are so covetable. A hint? “The stones talk to me, the same way they talk to everyone else in the family, and that is what inspires our designs,” explains Hadjibay.

Smythe & Cross: Describe your signature style.

Marco Hadjibay of Bayco: The Bayco style is a modern take on classic designs. Although we have certain very avant-garde designs, there are always classical elements incorporated. We are inspired by Classical era jewels, Mogul era jewels, and the Art Deco era of jewels.

Smythe & Cross: You work with lots of colored gemstones; what are some of your favorites and why?

Marco Hadjibay of Bayco: It’s very simple—my favorites are beautiful emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. They are the precious stones, and gem-quality ones are rare to come across.

Smythe & Cross: What is the most over-the-top piece you ever made?

Marco Hadjibay of Bayco: There are many, but one that comes to mind is The Celestial Pyramid—a perfect 60-carat, sugarloaf-cut, Burma-origin sapphire that is set into a ring. The sapphire can be detached from the ring and then suspended on a necklace that comes with the ring. The sapphire is so unique, and the interchangeable design makes it interesting.

Smythe & Cross: What is the biggest compliment you have ever received for your jewelry?

Marco Hadjibay of Bayco: A jeweler once brought a client to our showroom who said, “When it comes to jewelry, I have seen it all; nothing can impress me.” On the way back to the hotel, she kept telling the jeweler, “I cannot believe the things that I saw today—I am so impressed!” Another great compliment we receive is whenever someone says, “I did not know jewels this beautiful actually existed.”

Smythe & Cross: What Bayco pieces do you recommend women buy to start building their personal collection?

Marco Hadjibay of Bayco: If I have to suggest one specific piece of jewelry, I would say a beautiful ring, because a woman can wear it almost every day and it’s a piece that she can constantly admire on her hand. Also important: buy top quality and you will never go wrong.

Smythe & Cross: Tell me about three pieces at Smythe & Cross and why they are so special.

Marco Hadjibay of Bayco: Smythe & Cross has a rose-cut diamond cluster ring that is a signature Bayco style that we have been creating for over 20 years. People who own one always get asked about it—it’s a big look for the price.

Smythe & Cross also has a lozenge-cut sapphire ring, which is one of my personal favorites. It is so rare to find a sapphire of this unique cut (a variant of a rhombus) in such a large size—it is 4.41 carat! The color and clarity of the sapphire are exquisite, and the diamond pavé setting balances out the stone and makes it very wearable.

The orange sapphire ring in store is also very special. The hue of this stone is so unique because it has this rich glow that just makes it pop next to the colorless diamonds in the ring.

Drop by the store to see Bayco pieces in person! Stop in anytime from Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 350 Main Street, or phone 650-383-5426 to make a private appointment.

Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see all of our newest styles. And don’t miss our upcoming ads! See a Bayco page in the December issue of Gentry Magazine, and see more Smythe & Cross brands in ads in the Wall Street Journal and on page 3 (next to the table of contents) in the Los Altos Town Crier.

See our ad in the December issue of Gentry Magazine!

Cluster ring with rose-cut diamonds from Bayco is currently at Smythe & Cross

Ring with a 4.41 ct. lozenge-cut sapphire from Bayco is at Smythe & Cross

Ring with an orange sapphire and colorless diamonds from Bayco is at Smythe & Cross now

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