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Win the Holiday Gifting Game—Smythe & Cross Shows You How

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Does A Loved One Have a Wish List at Smythe & Cross?

Call or drop by to ask Khatchig, Pamela, or one of our other friendly sales associates if a loved one has a wish list at Smythe & Cross. If so, then your gift-giving experience just got a whole lot easier! Call the store at 650-383-5426 or email staff at frontdesk@smytheandcross.com to set up a time to visit.

Smythe & Cross, 350 Main St. in Los Altos, Calif.

Holiday cheer and gifts go hand in hand, but trying to choose the right present is enough to send you into a stress spiral! This is where Smythe & Cross can help—we have the ideal pieces for every person on your list. See what we’re positioning as perfect presents below.

For your teen daughter

She’s observing curfew, keeping her grades up, and crushing it on the soccer team! She’s also got her mom’s good taste. She may still be a kid, but she’s definitely earned a sparkling reward. Bamboo-motif button-shape studs in 18k gold with colorless diamonds are an ideal incentive for her to keep up the good work.

John Hardy Small Bamboo studs in 18k gold with diamonds

For your hipster, 20something son

He’s got a tragic-looking Brooklyn beard situation going on, and may not be following the path you wanted him to (law school), but he’s finding his way—and happiness—in the world. And as an accessories-loving guy, he can also tell you the significance of every one of the bracelets on his wrists. Add this John Hardy silver number to the collection, and you’ll be part of the stack story he tells from now on.

John Hardy Sterling Silver Bracelet for Men

For your hard-to-please sister

You two haven’t always been tight—she, quite irrationally, has never forgiven you for nabbing the lead in the school play 20 years ago—but you love each other nonetheless. She was there for the birth of each of your kids, and raised the bar for birthday parties when she threw you an epic surprise one last year. Raise the bar right back for her with this linear number in rose-cut sapphires and gold from Gurhan.

Gurhan Gold Bar Necklace with Rose-Cut Sapphires

For your lady

She finishes your sentences and your laundry, and never fails to be your biggest cheerleader. She always remembers your mom’s birthday (you forget) and laughs at your jokes no matter how many times she’s heard them. She’s your best friend, and the person that makes every day the best it can possibly be. What says you’re my rock and you rock my world daily? A ruby and diamond ring from Bayco.

Bayco Ruby and Diamond Ring

For your man

He never gets impatient when you’re running late, and laughs—and then helps you—when you repeatedly misplace your keys. He’s a good dad, a good cook, and pretty cute to boot! He’s your guy, and you know your blessed to have him in your life. Time with him flies by, but this bold Baume & Mercier Classima mechanical self-winding watch might make those minutes tick a little slower given its über classy vibe.

Baume & Mercier Classima Mechanical Watch with a 42 mm Stainless Steel Dial

Drop by the store to see the pieces in person! Smythe & Cross is open on Saturday, Dec. 23, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on Sunday, Dec. 24, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Smythe & Cross is located at 350 Main Street in Los Altos. Call 650-383-5426 to make a private appointment.

Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see all of our newest styles. And don’t miss our upcoming ads! See a Bayco page in the December issue of Gentry Magazine, and see more Smythe & Cross brands in ads in the Wall Street Journal and on page 3 (next to the table of contents) in the Los Altos Town Crier.

See our ad in the December issue of Gentry Magazine!

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