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Celebrating 10 Years!

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

It was just a short 10 years ago on July 1st that Smythe & Cross Fine Jewelry came to 350 Main Street in Los Altos. Long time friends Pamela Smith and Khatchig Jingirian joined forces and brought together years of jewelry experience to create this new stylish boutique.

Over the years, the store has grown to become a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. It offers everything from everyday jewelry, to the finest heirloom quality jewels and gemstones. The store also provides virtually every jewelry related service possible - all with the personalized experience many have come to know.

This month, Smythe & Cross celebrates its 10th Anniversary. While the current climate limits options for celebrations, this won't dampen the spirits. The team has come up with some fun ways to celebrate... won't you join us?

From July 1-10, Smythe & Cross will present its '10 for 10' event. During the 10 day period, 10% of all sales (online and in-store) will be donated to Community Services Agency as part of the Smythe & Cross commitment to support the community.

Later this month, Smythe & Cross is excited to will launch a new concept: Everyday Milestones - a social media lifestyle group. This will be a way to create a bit of community online and have a space to share milestones, big and small. More details will be announced shortly.

And of course, the most special of the celebrations will happen with each visit from you, our friends and clients, who have supported Smythe & Cross over the years.

And for a little walk down memory lane, we have put together a small album of some pictures from our past for you to peruse.....

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