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An Expert Opinion: Diamonds with Pamela

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

There's so much to know about diamonds: the 4 c's, shapes, colors, etc. So we decided to ask an expert! We posed some questions to Smythe & Cross' own Pamela Smith to get her advice...

What is it about a diamond that makes it so special?

Diamonds are an incredible gift given to us by nature. They are durable, vibrant, and a lasting symbol of nature's majesty. They have survived for millions of years in an incredible atmosphere of fire, heat and pressure to morph into something so full of life, brilliance and beauty.

Do you have a favorite shape or cut?

My favorite diamond shape is an Emerald cut. This cut showcases the inherent beauty of the material without the help of brilliant faceting. It truly is understated and elegant.

If you're buying your first diamond, what are the most important factors to consider?

The first step is to see what the stone looks like and what it says to me. When looking at a few diamonds, even of the same quality, there is always one that attracts me more than the others. That factor is just the material of the stone. Some are more vibrant than others. Within certain stones, if they are cut well, it does not matter what color it is. Once it is set, all you notice is the stone's brilliance.

I would also want to make sure that I can not see any flaws (visually clean) with the unaided eye. If I were considering diamond stud earrings, I would choose a lower color because I would want to have bigger stones. 'I' color stones in a SI2 clarity would give me more impact.

What is your favorite fancy colored diamond?

My favorite color would be something more unusual. I would say pinks and then perhaps champagne and brown.

Do you have a favorite ring design that you like most?

Personally, I like wider rings that I can easily wear. My favorite ring design at the moment is a platinum band ring with three rows of emerald cut diamonds from JB Star. It sits lower on the hand and feels comfortable in any situation.

Need help in selecting the perfect diamond? Schedule an appointment with Pamela to pick out the perfect diamond!

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